Meet The New Hiburo

Agile and easy-to-use task board with productivity in mind

The New Hiburo Screenshot



The new Hiburo was built mobile and tablet friendly from the ground up. The user interface automatically adapts and provides great experience no matter what device you are using.


This tool is simple and easy-to-use, you don't need to read long manuals, watch videos or go through tutorials to use Hiburo - it is simple and intuitive. Yeah, we hate bloatware too.


Productivity is important, everyone knows that. Everything is just a click away, and for an even faster workflow we have added keyboard shortcuts for common tasks.

Multiple boards

If you are working on multiple projects or a large project that can be divided into sub-projects then multiple boards will make your life easier.

Custom columns

There isn't one workflow that fits all use cases. You can add new columns or change existing ones to create the best workflow for you.


Each board can be further divided into swimlanes which are represented by a yellow bar with the name of swimlane on it.

Public access

When creating a board you can choose to make it public. Anyone with a link will have access to view it, but only your team will be able to make changes.

Drag and drop

Tasks can be moved between columns by just dragging and dropping. Go from todo to done with just a single gesture.


Labels or tags are implemented as #hashtags - you probably have seen them in various social networking sites.